This DIY Heater Will Keep You Warm and Cut Energy Cost

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By Thomas

It’s that time of the year when cold snaps cripple large swaths of the United States and those heating bills go up and up and up. But did you know you can heat a small room with some candles and a clay or terracotta pot?

This candle powered do-it-yourself heater can reach radiant temperatures of 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pot itself remains warm for hours after you’ve blown the candles out. Be very careful when handling or moving the heater though; the inner chamber of the pot has been known to reach extremely high temperatures – 500 degrees if you believe the video.


How does it work?

I’ve encountered some people who were pretty skeptical of how well this home made heater works. This heater works by trapping and concentrating heat that would normally just rise to the ceiling and rapidly dissipate into the surrounding air. This method allows the heat to radiate out of the sides of the pot too. As mentioned before, the pot keeps warm for hours after you’ve blown the candles out.


Will you be able to heat your whole house with it? Not by a long shot. But if you have a small bedroom, a bathroom that has trouble warming up in the winter, or even a shed that you like to work in, this can help increase the temperature by a good amount.

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This Rescued Giant Lynx Loves Face Rubs So Much, He Makes An Adorable Noise Whenever He Gets One

It’s always been said that a cat is a cat, regardless of how big or predatory it is. A tiger is going to behave in the same way as your average housecat, to some extent. One of the only big differences between these amazing creatures is that the bigger ones tend to have giant muscles and claws that can do some damage. But, other than that, they’re all kittens at heart.

Take Max here for example. This Canadian Lynx would dwarf any standard housecat if you put them side-by-side. His pointy ears and giant paws tell us that he’s dangerous, but all of that danger falls away when he gets loved on by his caretaker.

Just like most cats, Max loves a good rub around the ears, cheeks and chin. And he lets you know by purring so loudly you’d think there was a small cuddle engine happily churning inside of him. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. His deep purring is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and gives you an idea of just how majestic these large cats truly are.

Unlike most Canadian Lynx who are hard to find because they avoid humans like the plague, Max is somewhere in between a wild cat and a domesticated cat. He’s not fully tame, nor fully feral. He was born in a zoo, but was rescued. Now, he resides with Bernadette Hoffman, his caretaker, in upstate New York.

Bernadette runs a wildlife education program that seeks to educate people and children about the need to protect and respect the wild endangered species who also call Earth their home. Max is part of that program, working as an education animal ambassador.

The Canada Lynx has been hunted by trappers for centuries for their furs. On top of that, their numbers have also plunged in recent years do to loss of habitat. They were added to the endangered species list in 2002.

Until their population has made a successful comeback, Bernadette plans to continue doing Wildlife Education by Bernie to increase awareness of all of the endangered species who are struggling to remain in this world. Fortunately, she’ll have Max by her side.

Check out the video below to watch Bernadette give Max some much-needed head rubs as he turns up the purring to eleven! And don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones who would love to see Max the Canada Lynx.

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This Quiz Reveals The True Color of Your Energy

Colors are easily one of the best things in life. Many of us don’t think of colors that often; how they influence how we think, act and behave on a regular basis. But, can you imagine a world without color? Those who have color blindness will tell you that it’s not very fun. Those who have gone blind will tell you even more.

Something that’s interesting is our color preference over the years. Maybe you’ve had the same favorite color since you were a child. Maybe your favorite color has changed numerous times as you’ve grown. For me, colors have always had a special place in my heart because they say so much without having to say anything at all.

And you may not know it, but each and every person on the planet today gives off an energy or aura that has a certain color. This color is determined by our energy vibrations. Whatever our vibrational frequency is influences what color our energy is.

While many of us cannot see the colors of energy that other people have, our subconscious picks up on their subtleties, often reading energies without us even knowing it’s happening. This is why we get initial feelings of either “hey, this person is alright” or “hey, I should stay away from this person.” Our energies are highly utilized during first impressions.

Many people can read the energies of others, however. And while you might not be one of these people, you should still be aware of this phenomena so you can utilize it to your advantage.

This quiz helps you to figure out what your current vibrational frequency is so you can learn the color of your energy. Each question in the quiz has been designed to stimulate your subconscious, thus naturally arriving at whatever color best describes you!

What color is your energy?

Be sure to share with friends and loved ones who would also like to learn the true color of their energy and what it means for them!

h/t Sun Gazing

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5 Great Health Benefits of Farting

Farts have long been a source of humor for humans, dating back to even the earliest of times. It’s a natural bodily function, yet it’s one that has gained quite a stigma over the years.

For example, you probably think twice before just letting one rip when you’re out in public. Why is that? Because you’re afraid people will judge you for creating such a foul-smelling odor, or the noise it makes when it leaves your body.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, has absolutely no hesitations when it comes to farting. It doesn’t matter if we’re in bed, on the couch, or in a movie theater, she doesn’t hold back. But, not because she’s not afraid of the stigma, but because she recognizes it as a healthy thing to do.

And it turns out she’s right! Farting is actually great for you, health wise.

“Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced by the body and could in fact be in a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of reasons.” – Dr. Mark Wood, Professor and Researcher at University of Exeter (UK) Medical School

So, with that in mind, here are five great health benefits we gain by farting whenever we need to fart:

It reduces bloating
Being bloated is easily one of the most uncomfortable feelings one can have. Not only do you not feel sexy because your stomach is protruding away from your body, but that lingering feeling of fullness that is often accompanied by pain isn’t fun.

Also, bloating is a sign that you could have built up gas stored in your body. While this won’t necessarily kill you, it is uncomfortable. Farting can help get rid of your bloat as well as its symptoms.

It promotes a healthy colon
It’s never a good idea to “hold” any of your body’s natural wastes, which includes urine, feces and your gas. If you’re the type who likes to hold in your farts so as to avoid awkward social situations, be cautious of what you’re doing and try not to make a habit out of it.

Byproducts of the gastrointestinal system are meant to be expelled; if you don’t, you can cause damage.

They’re like quick little health checkups
You might not have known that the traits and characteristics of each of your farts is very telling of what’s going on inside of you. Farts that don’t smell so bad are a sign that you’re healthy.

When your farts start to smell particularly gross, you have pain when farting, or are farting way more than you usually do, these are all signs that something isn’t right. It could mean you are intolerant of a certain food, or it could be indicative of something worse, like colon cancer. So pay attention to your farts!

Farts are the sign of a healthy gut
Doctor of gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Purna Kashyap, says that “eating foods that cause gas is the only way for the microbes in the gut to get nutrients. If we didn’t feed them carbohydrates, it would be harder for them to live in our gut.”

So, foods that are good for the stomach will ultimately make us fart more often. These foods include things like beans, broccoli, cabbage and kale because they have so much fiber.

They help us to figure out how to balance our diets
Our stomachs are always trying to tell us what they’re craving. When we’re not eating enough fiber, we don’t fart as often. When we’re eating too much meat, we tend to fart a lot more or our farts will smell much worse.

These are all signs that we need to adjust our diet in one way or another to achieve the right balance.

So, there you have it. Next time you have to fart, shed your fears of doing so and fart with pride. The people around you might not be thanking you, but your body sure will be. Stay healthy!

h/t Power of Positivity

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People Who Cry During Movies Have This Personality Trait In Common

We’ve all had those moments in the movie theaters: something absolutely heartbreaking and emotionally devastating is happening and we’re forced to sit there, enduring it all while trying to keep our eyes from streaming rivers of tears down our face. I mean, c’mon, you don’t want to be that person who is just bawling in the middle of a theater full of people.

As a man, there’s even more of a need to remain dry during gut-wrenchingly emotional scenes, because we’ve been told from birth that crying isn’t masculine. But, the truth is that no one should be afraid to let the waterworks flow when they’re feeling sad because of a movie. Because doing so illustrates that you have something other people might not have: empathy.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, everyone has at least a bit of empathy, right?” Wrong. Not everyone comes stock with the ability to empathize. These people are the narcissists and sociopaths of the world, and they often spend a good portion of their lives never seeing the world from any other perspective than their own.

Why are empathetic people so strong? Because the easy thing to do is shrug off emotional hardships as if they were nothing. It’s easier to ignore tough feelings altogether than it is to actually feel something real. There’s a difference in character between those that can put themselves in another person’s pain versus those who cannot.

What’s true strength? When you are strong enough to endure the pain of your own life, and then are willing to step into the pain of someone else’s as well. Your strength carries over from your life into other’s. This strength stems from your understanding of what they’re going through and feeling what they’re feeling.

To say that caring for another person somehow makes you weak is just ignorant. Even when you’re showing empathy for a fictional character who’s acting out scenes in a non-real storyline, it shows that you have a heart, and that you’re willing to break it in that moment to feel something real.

Tears often come during movies for a variety of different reasons. It might be that the character is going through something similar to what you’ve gone through, so it’s causing you to sort through painful old memories (which is healing in its own way), or it could be the sheer artistic genius of the piece that moves you to tears.

Either way, pieces of art that move us emotionally are powerful, as they often force us to acknowledge emotions that we typically don’t like to acknowledge. And that takes strength.

Empathy is not weakness, it is emotional maturity, it is emotional strength.

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