Nature – it is the world’s largest, most eclectic and expansive pharmacy, with literally millions of species at our disposal to plant, cultivate, harvest and make use of in our everyday lives. And yet, most of us remain uninitiated into the highly practical and powerful realm of natural remedies that Nature herself offers to us with open hands.

While most of us grew up disconnected from the natural world, it is never too late for us to discover the endless sources of natural remedies hidden all throughout nature – and make use of them ourselves.

Whatever your personal context, natural remedies can be grown almost anywhere or in anything, from large paddocks and small patches of ground, to pots and window boxes. Healing plants of all varieties can also be bought at local nurseries, swap meetups, garage sales, online stores, or even foraged in the wild and transplanted into your own garden.

Having a great love for medicinal fruit, vegetables and herbs myself, I have taken the time to compile an extensive list of the best 50 natural healing plants to grow in your own personal garden or living area. This list is based on the high number of healing properties each plant has.

50 Best Natural Remedies Plant List

From vegetables that fight cancer and prevent colds, to herbs that treat indigestion, skin conditions and anxiety – there is a healing plant for almost everything and everyone here. Most of these medicinal plants can be dried, powdered, made into tea, tinctures, soups, balms, and even soaps, syrups and salves. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for – and even more here!

1. Agrimony

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Soothes urinary tract disorders such as cystitis and irritable bladders. Anti-inflammatory.
Parts used: Flowerheads, leaves.
Growing conditions: Prefers full sun. Perennial.

2. Alder Buckthorn

Genus: Shrub/Tree
Benefits: Relieves constipation, stimulates colon.
Parts used: Bark.
Growing conditions: Prefers damp soil conditions, deciduous hedging shrub, grows to about 5 meters tall.

3. Aloe

Genus: Succulent.
Benefits: Healing properties for skin conditions such as sun burn, eczema, psoriasis, wounds and dermatitis. Used to soothe and skin and prevent wrinkles. Helps ease gastrointestinal disorders such as indigestion and aids elimination.
Parts used: Fleshy leaves and pulp.
Growing conditions: Evergreen succulent. Prefers sunny position with moderate water, but water sparingly in winter.

4. Angelica

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Appetite stimulator. Treats indigestion. Eases cramps and prevents flatulence. Anti-inflammatory.
Parts used: Root.
Growing conditions: Biennial/perennial herb. Prefers damp soil. Grows 2 meters. Harvest root in Autumn.

  1. Aniseed

Genus: Fruit
Benefits: Helps cure respiratory congestion such as colds and flu. Used as a digestive aid to help with colic, bloating and gas. Helps to control nausea and vomiting. Reported to enhance libido.
Parts used: Seeds.
Growing conditions: Annual plant, warm climate.

  1. Artichoke

Genus: Vegetable.
Benefits: Lowers cholesterol production. Soothes irritable bowel syndrome. Treats indigestion. Helps digest fats by enhancing liver function.
Parts used: Flowerheads, leaves, roots.
Growing conditions: Prefers full sun, fertile, and well-drained soil. Perennial.

7. Bilberry

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: High antioxidants contribute to eye health, lessening the effects of glaucoma. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Reduce the effects of vascular problems such as varicose veins, water retention and painful periods.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Prefers acidic soil, large pots and full sun. Fruits in summer.

8. Black Cohosh

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Reduces menopausal symptoms. Balances hormones. Regulates menstrual periods. Soothes inflammation, e.g. arthritis.
Parts used: Root.
Growing conditions: Prefers light shade and moist soil. Harvest roots in Autumn.

9. Blackcurrant

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Rich source of GLA. Treats skin conditions such as eczema. Reduces PMS symptoms, hypertension and rheumatoid disorders. Reduces blood pressure and alleviates swollen glands.
Parts used: Root, leaves, berries.
Growing conditions: Full sun, requires high nitrogen levels in soil (so add extra organic matter). Prune back in Autumn. Attracts birds, so protect plant with net.

10. Black Mustard Seed

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Improves circulation, and thus helps stiff muscles, joints and cold extremities. Reduces inflammation.
Parts used: Seeds.
Growing conditions: Annual plant that prefers light soil and moderate sun. Harvest seed pods in late summer, and dry in cool place.

11. Brahmi

Genus: Succulent.
Benefits: Improves mental clarity, memory and concentration.
Parts used: Aerial leaves/stems.
Growing conditions: Creeping perennial that thrives in warmer temperatures and tropical climates.

12. Burdock

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Detoxifying, antibiotic, antiseptic and mild diuretic effects. Most especially helps with the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, acne, boils and dermatitis.
Parts used: Leaves, fruit, roots and seeds.
Growing conditions: Biennial and simple to grow. Harvest seeds in summer.

13. Caraway

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Used to aid digestion, ease pain, expel gas, soothe bloating, prevent reflux and relieve heartburn.
Parts used: Seeds.
Growing conditions: Biennial, prefers full sun and free-draining soil. Avoid transplanting.

14. Celery

Genus: Vegetable
Benefits: Anti-inflammatory. Taken for gout, anxiety, arthritis, and to aid sleep. A good diuretic.
Parts used: Stem, seed.
Growing conditions: Prefers full sun, lots of water, compost and mulch.

15. Centaury

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Used as a tonic for the liver and gallbladder. Stimulates appetite. Relieves disorders of the upper digestive tract such as heartburn and indigestion.
Parts used: Aerial parts.
Growing conditions: Biennial, prefers full sun, grows with other wildflowers.

16. Chamomile

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Helps reduce the effects of a variety of ailments such as anxiety, poor sleep, indigestion, colic, sciatica and gout. Often brewed in tea to calm nerves and enhance sleep.
Parts used: Aerial parts.
Growing conditions: Perennial, likes partial sun and poor soil. Self-seeds.

17. Chaste Tree

Genus: Shrub.
Benefits: Relieves PMS pain, reduces hormonal acne, helps regulate hormones during menstrual cycles. Relieves menopausal symptoms.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Grows up to 5 meters, prefers sun and does well in most soils.

18. Cherry

Genus: Shrub.
Benefits: Rich in vitamin A, B and C. High in calcium and magnesium. Good general immune system booster with anti-inflammatory effects.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Two plants must be planted for pollination. Likes full sun and needs damp soil.

19. Chickweed

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Soothes sore and inflamed skin. Mild diuretic. Soothes rheumatism. Vitamin rich and great in salads although they’re classified as weeds!
Parts used: Leaves.
Growing conditions: Thrives in most soils. Blooms in late winter to spring.

20. Chicory

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Mild laxative. Anti-inflammatory. Can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Parts used: Leaves and roots.
Growing conditions: Likes well-drained alkaline soil. Needs deep soil for root development. Roots are harvested in the second year.

21. Chili

Genus: Vegetable.
Benefits: Used as an antiseptic, analgesic, stimulant and tonic. Reduces muscular aches and pains and prevents gastrointestinal infection.
Parts used: Pepper fruits.
Growing conditions: Likes dry soil and full sun. Can easily grow in pots.

22. Cinquefoil

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Anti-aging benefits for skin. Treats fever, diarrhea, toothaches and mouth ulcers.
Parts used: Leaves.
Growing conditions: Perennial plant that prefers full sun. Invasive and fast-growing.

23. Cleavers

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Also known as goosegrass, cleavers is a good diuretic, assisting with swollen lymph glands, and many irritations of the urinary tract such as cystitis. Softens skin when applied, but beware of the prickly thorns on the stems when picking!
Parts used: Leaves, roots.
Growing conditions: Annual and prefers alkaline soil. Simple to grow.

  1. Cranberry

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Used to treat cystitis and other urinary tract infections.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Prefers part sun part shade and moist acidic soil. Can grow in pots.

25. Cucumber

Genus: Vegetable.
Benefits: Help lower blood sugar levels. Anti-inflammatory. Help to rehydrate and soothe skin.
Parts used: Fruiting body.
Growing conditions: Likes humid environments. Needs space to grow, and regular watering. Hardy.

26. Daisy

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Used to heal wounds such as cuts, bruises, sores and stiff joints when made into a salve. Helps reduce the impact of respiratory tract infections such as sinusitis and bronchitis.
Parts used: Flowerheads and leaves.
Growing conditions: Evergreen perennial plant that prefers full sun to grow.

27. Dandelion

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Classified as a weed because of its relentless growing habits, dandelion has excellent detoxifying and diuretic properties. It also possesses vitamins A, B, C and D as well as potassium and calcium. It has been used to treat high blood pressure, cleanse the liver and gallbladder and treat skin problems such as acne and eczema.
Parts used: Flowerheads, leaves and roots.
Growing conditions: Perennial. Grows in sun and shade. Does best in well-drained soil, but tolerates most soil types.

28. Dill

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Calms digestive disorders such as cramping, bloating and colic. When chewed can alleviate bad breathe.
Parts used: Leaves and seeds.
Growing conditions: Annual. Easy to grow from seed, and requires 2 weeks germination.

29. Echinacea

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Highly effective for cold and flu relief. Antibacterial properties that helps wounds and other skin infections heal.
Parts used: Roots and flowerheads.
Growing conditions: Perennial that prefers full sun. Likes rich, sandy soil. Harvest roots in Autumn.

30. Elderberry

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps treat coughs, sore throats, cold and flu symptoms. Can be made into and taken as a tincture or syrup.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Sow seeds in rich soil. Prefers full sun. Simple to grow.

31. Elderflower

Genus: Shrub.
Benefits: Can be made into cordials or wines. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps treat coughs, sore throats, cold and flu symptoms.
Parts used: Fresh flowers.
Growing conditions: Deciduous shrub that prefers full sun, but tolerates shade. Pick only fresh white flowers.

32. Eucalyptus

Genus: Tree.
Benefits: Antiseptic and decongestant properties. The leaves have been used to remedy chest infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, relieve muscle and joint pain, and cold and flu symptoms.
Parts used: Leaves.
Growing conditions: Hardy species of tree that tolerates full sun and hot temperatures. Prefers well-drained, fertile soil.

33. Evening Primrose

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Rich source of GLA which assists bone health and regulates metabolism. Helps reduce PMS symptoms. Mild blood pressure reducer and soothes eczema.
Parts used: Roots, leaves and seeds.
Growing conditions: Biennial. Prefers full sun and low-nutrient soil.

34. Eyebright

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Reduces the impact of eye infections such as conjunctivitis, and can be made into an eye wash for its astringent and antibacterial qualities. Also said to be a good lung tonic.
Parts used: Aerial parts.
Growing conditions: Annual. Prefers full sun and chalky soils. Harvest the leaves and flowers while the plant is still blooming.

35. Fennel

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Appetite-suppressant for weight loss. Relieves bloating, cramping, flatulence and all kinds of stomach upset including colic.
Parts used: Flowerheads and seeds.
Growing conditions: Likes full sun position with low water. Drought tolerant and attracts wildlife.

  1. Fenugreek

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Digestive aid. Soothes intestinal passages, sometimes used to treat gastric ulcers. Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Parts used: Seeds.
Growing conditions: Annual. Requires full sun, but needs shelter. Seeds ripen in 4-5 months.

37. Feverfew

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Commonly used to successfully treat migraines. Reduces the symptoms of fever.
Parts used: Leaves.
Growing conditions: Perennial that is drought-tolerant. Prefers full sun. Self-seeds.

38. Fig

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Gentle laxative. High fiber. Soothes stomach pains and cramping.
Parts used: Fruiting body.
Growing conditions: Prefers well-drained alkaline soil and full sun. Fruit ripens in summer.

39. Fleabane

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Diuretic and astringent properties. Lowers blood pressure. Helps treat kidney and menstrual problems. Also said to prevent the attack of insects such as fleas.
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.
Growing conditions: Annual and perennial. Prefers sun and light soil.

40. Garlic

Genus: Vegetable.
Benefits: Antiviral, and cancer fighting properties. Helps combat colds, flu and bronchitis. Lowers cholesterol. Anti-fungal properties good for treating fungal skin diseases such as athletes foot and ringworm.
Parts used: Bulb.
Growing conditions: Can be grown in pots. Prefers sun and damp soil. Bulbs are picked in Autumn.

41. Ginger

Genus: Rhizome plant.
Benefits: Prevents all kinds of nausea such as vertigo, morning sickness, and motion sickness. Anti-inflammatory and good for arthritic joints and pains.
Parts used: Root.
Growing conditions: Likes shade, with warm and moist soil. Not frost tolerant, so keep indoors in winter. Plant 10 to 20 cm deep into potting compost.

42. Ginko

Genus: Tree.
Benefits: Enhances memory and concentration. Soothes vertigo, leg cramps, asthma and allergies.
Parts used: Leaves.
Growing conditions: Deciduous slow-growing conifer. Likes full sun and well-drained soil. Leaves must be harvested in summer.

43. Goji Berries

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Super-food that is said to boost circulation, improve eyesight, lower cholesterol, protect the liver, enhance immune function and improve libido. High levels of vitamin C.
Parts used: Berries.
Growing conditions: Shrub grows to a height of 7-10 feet. Prefers full sunlight and fertile soil, but can grow in almost any soil type. Pruning necessary.

44. Gotu Kola

Genus: Herb.
Benefits: Commonly taken as a tonic for skin problems such as acne and digestive disorders. Aids memory and concentration. Anti-inflammatory properties give relief to rheumatism, arthritis and poor circulation.
Parts used: Aerial parts.
Growing conditions: Perennial creeper. Prefers full sun to part shade. Needs well-drained soil.

45. Honeysuckle

Genus: Flowering plant.
Benefits: Painkilling properties useful for soothing sore throats, headaches and arthritis. Used to cool down hot flushes, sunstroke and fever.
Parts used: Flowers and buds.
Growing conditions: Deciduous shrub that prefers shade. Needs support as it is a climbing plant.

46. Hops

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: Gentle sedative great for inducing sleep and relaxation. Great for reducing anxiety and abdominal tension. Assists with menopausal symptoms.
Parts used: Flowers.
Growing conditions: Climbing plant that prefers full sun. Requires support and distancing from other plants.

47. Horse Chestnut

Genus: Tree.
Benefits: Seeds are used to treat haemorrhoids and varicose veins. Helps to decrease the likelihood of developing deep-vein thrombosis, and decreases the swelling of the lower legs during flights.
Parts used: Seeds.
Growing conditions: Ornamental tree that can be grown from seeds or conkers. Reaches 10 to 20 feet in height. Collect chestnuts in Autumn.

48. Horseradish

Genus: Vegetable.
Benefits: Used to soothe aching joints and muscles when made into a balm. Also stimulates the digestive system and lessens the severity of colds and coughs by clearing the nasal passages.
Parts used: Root.
Growing conditions: Perennial plant that can grow in large containers. Harvest roots in Autumn.

49. Juniper

Genus: Tree.
Benefits: Berries have diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Used to treat urinary tract infections, rheumatism and good for gently lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
Parts used: Ripe berries.
Growing conditions: Evergreen conifer that prefers full sun. Drought-tolerant and frost hardy.

50. Kiwifruit

Genus: Fruit.
Benefits: High in vitamin C, E, magnesium and copper. Beneficial for improved heart function, improving eye health and improving the quality of skin and hair growth.
Parts used: Fruiting body.
Growing conditions: Climbing plant that prefers part sun and shade. Needs well-drained rich soil. Both male and female plants needed to pollinate for fruit.

Want a list of more medicinal herbs, fruits and veggies? Check out Loner Wolffor more!

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Follow me, into the heart of the Sun. Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 21st August.

By: Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Follow me, into the heart of the Sun. Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 21st August at 28 degrees.

Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience. They herald major beginnings and endings, burning and purifying.

Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue.

August 21st, 2017, we will be experiencing one of the most powerful and significant total solar eclipses of our lifetime. Its path of totality goes right across the United States from coast to coast. This eclipse has been on the radar for both astronomers and astrologers for years and has been dubbed ‘The Great American Eclipse.

It’s the first total solar eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast across the U.S. in nearly 100 years; the last time was in June 1918.

This Solar Eclipse, is immensely significant and positive in so many ways, in the sign of Leo, it represents a marked improvement in the good life for us all. Our quality of life will dramatically improve, as well as developing our sense of self, self will and personal power, feeling proud of who we are. This is heart opening energy.

Eclipses are doorways, quantum choice points. What we hold in our thought and intention at these times reverberates throughout time, space and all dimensions.

It contains tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives. It is a zero-point of potential – a time out of time – with unknown wild-card outcomes and permutations of reality waiting to be seized.

As the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon, our intuition (the Moon) – wordless and irrational – overpowers your creative center and power (the Sun). The result is a bit like a short-circuit of your internal wiring. The fundamental laws of the universe no longer apply as the Sun’s light is temporarily darkened. The world is shrouded in an apprehensive silence that you can almost hear. At the solar eclipse, something is trying to get your attention, this is the time when magic can happen.

If you think of the astrological system as a computer, eclipses are those moments when the divine disk drive writes a new code to the magnetic surface of life. There is, at the same time, the possibility to erase certain ideas and influences for good. The script will be re-written and the script writer and co-creator is you.

The Sun and Moon, conjoined in Leo are urging us to explore our hearts and brings warmth and light, to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in. We will be infused with the qualities of the fire sign of Leo which is, forceful, magnetic, generous, impulsive and has a strong and ardent desire to be loved and to give love.

Leo is moved through the heart rather than through reason. Like the lion, Leo is commanding, resolute, courageous, and high-spirited, sometimes boastfully asserting his superiority. Leo’s warmth and kindness are of the type which a good king has towards its subjects.

The spot light is focused in those areas of our lives that need more abundance, success, happiness and joy. This is a cosmic green light to enjoy the good life, to be creative, joyful and have fun, like the internal inner child within us, that Leo represents.

A major feature of this eclipse is that it is conjoined to the royal fixed star of Regulus. The brightest star in the constellation of Leo, Regulus has been almost universally associated in ancient cultures with the concept of royal or kingly power. A very beneficial Star with the qualities of Jupiter and Mars, Regulus is at 29 degrees of Leo, and his meaning is one of fame, success, honour, and wealth.

Regulus raises people to great heights of power and fame to those who deserve it. A balancing out of karma is taking place and many will be elevated into a higher realm on a spiritual and materialistic level, dramatically improving our well being and quality of life.

Regulus is also known as the Ruler, the Lawgiver. When we think of the word Regulus, it can be held as a regulator. As the name suggests, Regulus, regulates or balances out karma so that people already in power, kings or Queens who have misused their power, may fall from favour and power. The effects of which can either be immediate, or the process will be put into motion at the eclipse, and we will see the events unfold over the next two to three months. Since the eclipse is over the USA, all eyes are on American politics, in particular, especially President Trump, whose ascendent and Mars in Leo are exactly aligned with this eclipse.

This eclipse is heralding in a new era, as the fixed star Regulus moved into the sign of Virgo (though still in the constellation of Leo) after 2000 years in 2011.

This is the first solar eclipse conjoined to Regulus since then, marking a shift in power over the next 2000 years, which will be to governed less by the royal decreed of law, which signifies the old and dying order of the male dominated, kingly right to power towards the feminine sign of Virgo, one based on compassion, service and healing.

We are witnessing at present, many, especially in politics who are of the dying order still desperately clinging to power as we transition into this new era.

Adding to the positivity of this Solar Eclipse, it is the first solar eclipse to be conjoined to the north node in Leo since 1998 as opposed to the south node. The north node is highly beneficial and dynamic whereas an eclipse conjunct the south node often implies loss or having to let go.

As if this wasn’t enough we have yet another highly powerful and beneficial aspect as the planet of Jupiter and good fortune, makes a positive aspects the the Solar Eclipse as well as to Saturn, also taking part in the dynamic grand fire trine that is positively helping us to manifest our dreams and plans until October. Expansion and Luck will be on the Horizon quite literally. Uranus, directly aligned with the Solar Eclipse is helping us to embrace positive change.

When the Sun and the Moon meet in perfect union, astrologers call the condition Cazimi – meaning ‘in the throne’ or ‘in the heart’ of the Sun, it is the most powerful condition for a planet. It is where we collectively enter the heart of the Sun, into the royal throne room. Our emotional consciousness represented by the Moon enters a higher state, likened to having conversations with God or your higher self, taken into a room being promoted or de-promoted according to the creator.

Cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means the Moon is literally sitting on the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power and is often described as bestowing some kind of brilliance or genius. A Cazimi Moon (which can only happen at the time of a New Moon) is good to use if you want something to really succeed. It’s one of the highest forms of good luck.

The Sun is the King or Queen of the skies, and when a planet is invited into the royal chambers, that planet receives a purely elevating infusion of solar energy. Stimulating the response in humanity to express heart consciousness, the quality we call love. Burning away what no longer serves us, wiping the slate clean and renewing our mind, body and spirit.

The royal Sun is planting secrets, and when the Moon withdraws from the throne room, a re-birthing process begins. A force that bestows some with the influence to work magic and to wield power over vast amounts of people, as new kings and Queens rise, while others fall.
It’s as if the planet has the ear of the King, and can persuade the King to attend to the planet’s wishes for a time.

It’s one of the most powerful times to set your intentions.

This eclipse will have lasting effects for more than two years especially concerning the countries which the eclipse passes over.

As the Sun and the Moon conjoin in perfect unison, it is a rare chance to realign our ego with our soul self. To get the balance right, on both a personal and collective level. The Sun represents our ego and the Moon our soul.

One of the biggest transformational moments in life, is to realise and understand the difference between soul and ego. A moment that can lead to enlightenment.

As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun. ~ Ram Dass

Our soul is eternal and always present, even if you don’t always feel it or pay attention to it.

“Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace. Spirit says: Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”.- Marianne Williamson

Some, however, may choose to live out the more negative side of Leo during this potent time, in the form of arrogance with a sense of entitlement as well as misuse of power. Venus in opposition to Pluto can mean heightened passion, especially in romance, but also power struggles. Venus in cancer wants to feel emotionally secure, and some may use control to get what they want. Someone who feels deeply unloved and is insecure needs to ensure they are not abandoned and left behind. They need to be in control. This is their way of feeling safe and “loved”.

They become needy, increasing the control, needing to be fed “love” by seeking that external attention. Now at this eclipse, we have a rare chance to find the love within, releasing unhealthy attachments.

A person in a Soul space honours themselves. They say no to what does not serve them. They say yes to what does. They respect themselves and choose to walk away from anything that does not respect them. Once they walk away, they learn from what they were taught. They honour and respect others, they are considerate and conscientious. There is no need to be first like the ego. There is no need for competition.
Learn to listen to your soul when it speaks to you, trust in it and act on the advice it gives to you.

Your soul is a source of unconditional love, courage and strength, wisdom, and happiness and joy.

It can’t be harmed by other people’s opinions or external circumstances. It can’t be harmed by anything.

Your soul and true self, are who you are deep down below all the labels, roles, expectations and social mask. Something that doesn’t change – you are born you, and you will forever be you inherently worthwhile – you are divine energy from the Universe. Your very existence in this world is what makes you beautiful, valuable and amazing.

Where have you been playing small in your life holding yourself back? Putting others needs first? Not believing in your own magnificence and the power to co- create?

If you want to find life purpose and live a full and healthy inner life, it is essential to bring your ego-mind into relationship with your soul-self.

We are souls having a human experience.

Ego seeks to serve itself,
Soul seeks to serve others.
Ego seeks outward recognition,
Soul seeks inner authenticity.
Ego sees life as a competition,
Soul sees life as a gift.
Ego seeks to preserve self,
Soul seeks to preserve others.
Ego looks outwards,
Soul looks inward.
Ego feels lack,
Soul feels abundance.
Ego is mortal,
Soul is eternal.
Ego is drawn to lust,
Soul is drawn to love.
Ego seeks wisdom,
Soul is wisdom.
Ego enjoys the prize,
Soul enjoys the journey.
Ego is cause to pain,
Soul is cause of healing.
Ego rejects God,
Soul embraces God.
Ego seeks to be filled,
Soul is eternal wholeness.

Special thanks to Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Solar Eclipse times, on the 21st August:
Los Angeles, 11:30 am
New York, 2:30 pm
London, 7:30 pm
Delhi, 12:00 am
Sydney, 4:30 am
Photo: Murad Osmann

Photo Copyright: paylessimages / 123RF Stock Photo

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Wild and free! Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, 7th August.

By Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Wild and free!

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, 7th August at 15 degrees, 18.10 UT.

An Eclipse opens a portal, releasing waves of energy that is available to us all, giving us a rare opportunity to get in touch with and listen to the inner voice of our intuition, our inner knowing and wisdom, our inner compass.

It is the beginning of an Eclipse cycle that is ushering us into a new and transformative life-changing phase at immense speed, taking us to our next evolutionary level.

The pressure may feel quite intense, as this Lunar Eclipse marks the grand finale of three Jupiter-Pluto tense squares that have been shaking up everything from the personal to the political since November 2016. Pushing us to step up to our personal power and inner greatness.

The focal point of this Lunar Eclipse, is the rare “Finger of God” constellation. A finger of God shows a special life transforming mission.

We are presently in the midst of a karmic mission on both a collective and personal level.

A “Finger of God” constellation looks similar to a pyramid, which dynamically pushes us along the path of our fated destination.

At the top of the pyramid is the Sun in Leo conjoined to Mars the warrior. At the base, are Pluto to one side and Neptune to the other, whose energies are seeking release through the Sun and Mars, causing huge tension, similar to a pressure cooker or a volcano about to erupt. The energy and power needs to be released by taking action (Mars) so that we can materialise our wants and desires (Sun). Pluto and Neptune need us to achieve this by following our passion (Pluto) with faith and vision (Neptune).

We can achieve anything we want with this constellation, the Sun and Mars in Leo, promises us everything from fame, success to self-realisation and expression of who we really are. Making the very most of our talents and passion through our inner fire, symbolised by the fire sign of Leo.

This Lunar Eclipse, is a wonderful time for romance, fun and play. Any social activities, as well as love, will be ramped up by the fire energy of the Sun and Mars in Leo. Important synchronicities, people, opportunities and new loves can enter our life now and between the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st August.

Each Eclipse brings a new lesson with it to learn and to master; it’s a chance to move up to the next level of our development.

In the sign of Aquarius, this Lunar Eclipse is about how you live out your true free spirit, reigniting that part of you that feels wild and free. The Sun and Mars in Leo and the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Leo, wants us to rediscover our inner joy, to be creative, have fun, laugh and to spread our shining light to others, while embracing our inner sense of freedom.
This Lunar Eclipse gives us an opportunity to leave behind any emotional heaviness behind us, it’s time to enjoy life to the full!

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”― Charles Bukowski

We can feel a sense of restlessness and the urge for adventure, (re)awakening our sense of wonder. It’s about dreaming and imagining, but also having the courage to chase our dreams, as Mars and the Sun in the courageous sign of Leo spurns us on.

“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.” ~ Anaïs Nin

The Moon and the Sun make a wonderful aspect to Jupiter the planet of good luck, expansion and joy. Signialising that our hopes and needs are just within our reach.

During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow blocks the light to the Moon, something similar takes place best likened to a restart to our computer. A reboot, a reprogramming takes place.

Lunar Eclipses, in particular, are times of high emotion, and they bring awareness. The Sun and the Moon, our animus and our emotions, are on opposite sides of the sky, as if the other were a mirror.

In the sign of Aquarius, we have enough detachment and objectivity to recognize any imbalance between our Ego`s wants and desires (Sun) and our inner most emotional needs (Moon) A pivotal change and major shift in awareness can take place now and in the coming weeks towards your relationships and love.

Something buried and hidden in your subconscious, especially on an emotional level, as the Full Moon rules our emotions, can suddenly come to light. Something that has been blocking us, perhaps even since many years, that stops us being true to ourselves and finding happiness. The Moon in astrology represents our emotions, who we really are, on a deep down soul level, as well as our inner child.

More often than not, our ego represented by our Sun sign and our wants, tends to ignore and subdue the voice of the Moon that represents our needs and our inner child. Which inevitably sooner or later, can result in becoming emotionally out of balance. We may have got what we want, the new job, the promotion, etc. (Sun) but what about our emotional needs? (Moon) Do we feel emotionally secure and fulfilled?

Many ignore their inner child and voice for many years, resulting, at some point, sooner or later, in depression or anxiety attacks. That is the alarm bell ringing, loud and clear, to get back into balance and in touch with your true emotional needs.

We can free ourselves from emotional baggage and dysfunctional emotional patterns at this Lunar Eclipse so that we will be able to take optimal advantage of the up coming immensely powerful and positive Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st August, that will help us to achieve our wants, desires as well as our needs.

The sign of Aquarius is known for their revolutionary qualities and we have a chance to revolutionise the way we think, live and love.

There may well be an opportunity for singles to meet new, exciting and passionate new loves, as Venus in cancer is coming up to an opposition to Pluto and square Jupiter between now and the next Solar Eclipse.

All Eclipse’s are close to the North Nodes of fate, making the Eclipse time highly fated. It’s destiny, putting you back onto the right path and if necessary making a course correction. Fated people and events can happen between now and the end of August, potentially taking you on a completely new and exciting path.

The Lunar Eclipse conjoined to the South Node of fate, is a balancing out of karma, bringing our past actions to fruition for good and the bad, personally and collectively.

We need to learn from our past mistakes, release the past and embrace our future and true life path (North Node) with greater self-confidence, belief in ourselves and optimism.

The ruler of the lunar Eclipse,Uranus, has just stationed retrograde, putting emphasis on our need to be true to our own unique self. There could be a need for greater freedom, even a need to break away from whatever we feel is limiting in our lives from within and without. It’s a great time to break away from self-destructive habits in all forms.

We’re feeling the freedom loving and rebellious energies of Uranus particularly strongly now.

Uranus wants us to celebrate our own uniqueness, our individuality. To live out our own special kind of crazy.We need to live out our individuality and do it our way, without worrying what others may think.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”- Robin Williams

The North Node of fate in Leo is making a positive trine to Uranus. We feel the evolutionary urge to embrace change. We can feel inspired and creative and have a heightened sense of our own special uniqueness.

We can gain a real sense now, of where and how, our future path to happiness lies.

The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, wants to celebrate that there is only one special version of you. To be proud of who you are.

“You belong among the wildflowers; you belong in a boat out at sea…You belong with your love on your arm; you belong somewhere you feel free.” ~ Tom Petty

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Full Moon in Sagittarius, 9th June. Set your sights high and aim for the Moon!

By Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Set your sights high and aim for the Moon!

Full Moon in Sagittarius, 9th June at 18 degrees.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius brings the promise of a new chapter and exciting new adventures on the horizon!

Sagittarius, the adventurer, inspired by breadth of vision, aims his bow high.

It’s time to reach your highest potential and set your goals and visions high.The fire sign of Sagittarius blazes a courage trail towards the unknown and illuminates his path ahead through inspiration.

Aim for the moon, if you miss you may hit a star

The Sun in Gemini in opposition, shines his brilliant light onto the Moon in Sagittarius, lighting up our highest ideals with enthusiasm and joy, no longer prepared to settle for a false concept of truth.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is exceptionally potent as the ruler of Sagittarius, the planet Jupiter, stations direct on the same day and is therefore at its most powerful. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and the most beneficial planet of all. Jupiter expands everything he touches and bestows us with more fortune, happiness, joy and optimism. Jupiter rules over fun, generosity, teaching, knowledge, philosophy and spiritual seeking. Sagittarius is the sign of great sages, wise-men and women and spiritual teachers. Open-minded and seekers of wisdom and truth.

Saturn who represents the wise old soul, is conjoined to the Full Moon, helping us to access our inner wisdom and to discern our truth, which is the very basis, for making wise decisions that we may find ourselves confronted with, as the Sun in Gemini offers us many options. The influence of Saturn, urges us to take responsibly for creating a better future and to make conscious decisions based on sound judgement and wisdom instead of dogmatic opinions and delusions.

Saturn makes a wonderful grand trine to Uranus and the North Node of fate until October. Uranus is the awakener and the North Node our destiny. We are destined to awaken to a higher consciousness, that is triggered by this Full Moon. The more awake we are, the more we recognise and embrace the Truth.

The Sun and Mercury in the intellectual sign of Gemini gather`s information from many diverse sources, which the polar sign of Sagittarius integrates into deeper knowledge and wisdom. The most important knowledge and wisdom of all, is the knowledge of self.

Reclaim your power by getting centered and realigned with your Wisdom Self/Soul.

“Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.”- Osho

Only when we have accepted ourselves through self-love and knowledge, can we then communicate our truths to others.

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.” ― C.G. Jung

Be your own hero! Saturn reminds us to rely on ourselves, first of all, to make things happen. To take responsibility for our dreams and turn them into reality. Helping us to get highly motivated and determined, with staying power for the long haul.

With Neptune square the Sun and the Moon, we need to be aware of some choosing to manipulate through deception and delusion. However, Saturn can make this a time of reckoning for our past actions, while Jupiter in Libra is balancing the scales of justice. We need to question the true motivations and honesty of any information being presented to us. We are no longer prepared to accept things at face value. We need to stay aware and determine what our inner truths are at every step of the way.

Sagittarius is all about expanding our horizons through travel, new experiences, creativity, higher learning and spirituality.

We can feel the urge to be more sociable, have fun, meet new people and to experience different cultures, traveling to new countries or new places that can help to stretch our horizons, inspire and motivate us.

Sagittarius is the seeker of truth and freedom lover, who needs to stretch his bow and aim his arrow high onto a new goal that is just out of his reach, yet within his sights.
It’s what he needs to feel truly alive.

You may find that you need a new goal or challenge in your life, to inspire and expand your talents and creativity, as well as expanding and seeking more fun and joy in love.
We have the self-confidence now, to rise to any challenges in life and love.

Sagittarius has a great sense of humor and can be the life and soul of the party.

They can seem larger than life as their ruling planet Jupiter has a tendency to expand their personality traits, including going to excess at times. It’s their way of testing and expanding their own limitations.

So there could be a tendency to go over the top as Venus now in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus, loves to indulge her pleasures and senses. We will find now, and over the next few weeks, we are calmer and more grounded than in recent times as Venus in Aries had an unusual long stay in Aries since 3rd February to the 6th of June due to her retrograde phase, has been an exciting but at times a wild and erratic ride.

Venus in Taurus until the 4th of Juli, together with Jupiter and her later meet up with Pluto, ensures we will find support for our ventures and a wealth of hidden resources, with the potential to attract good luck and promising opportunities to expand our projects, gaining more power and influence.
Saturn, Venus in Taurus and now Mars in cancer, will help us to focus more easily, on our goals with a much more calmer and patient approach.The earthiness of this sign gives the grounded vision necessary to turn dreams into reality. The recent weeks, while Venus was in Aries and Mars in Gemini, have been at times, fast-paced, exhilarating and full of surprises and we may have felt as if we have lost our direction and grounding.

Saturn calls upon us to take a more realistic look, to make a better judgement call on the priorities, It calls upon us to get more ambitious, to take better, more deliberate aim, and to accomplish something of true and lasting significance.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is optimistic and knows no boundaries or limits, making us feel anything is possible now in love. Jupiter now direct in his last four-month phase of his twelve-month stay in Libra, the sign of relationships, is eager to fulfil his promise of working magic in love. Many have already made a deeper commitment or will have brought their relationship to the next level. For some still looking they may well still find “the one” by October. Jupiter in the sign of Libra since last September has been bringing many karmic lovers together. Others have discovered the pleasures of being happily single as Jupiter has improved our feelings of self- love.

Jupiter in Libra is working particularly strongly now, to right all the wrongs, in the Libra and Sagittarius themes of justice and fairness. In particular, on a political level, exposing the manipulation, delusion and untruths.

It’s time now, to no longer hold back and live life to the fullest!

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

We no longer have time for small, mindedness, drama, untruths, or being defined by other`s expectations and opinions.

Pushing the limits is easier now, and you can extend your influence much farther than ever before. When you know your destination, we can demonstrate an unwavering determination to arrive there.
No matter what the difficulties, we can overcome whatever is in our path, trusting in what is positive regardless of conditions. This period can reawaken your faith in the best that life and you have to offer.

"You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making”.” – Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

Uranus in a flowing trine to the Moon and Sextile the Sun, is giving us an out of the box thinking mode enabling us to see everything from a new clear perspective. Helping us to find new solutions to old ways of thinking

The Sagittarius full moon will be making us feel optimistic, self-confident and adventurous.Sagittarius loves to spread joy, laughter and good vibes.

Traveling, meeting new people, expanding our horizons, moving out of our comfort zone, higher learning, spirituality and creativity are all being supported by the universe right now, taking us to where we are meant to be.

“Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” -John Lennon

By living by our truth, we will find freedom and liberation

© All rights reserved, Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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New Study Reveals Medical Cannabis Users Consume Less Opioids, Antidepressants and Alcohol

A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology reports that patients suffering from chronic medical conditions used less opioids, antidepressants, sleep medications, alcohol, and other substances after using medical cannabis to treat their symptoms.

“So what we found is that after starting medical marijuana that many of the patients that were previously using opioids reduced the use of those agents,” said Brian J. Piper, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and lead researcher for the study.

“So over three-quarters of the medical marijuana patients who were using opioids decreased the use of those agents.”

The numbers make a pretty strong case in favor of medical cannabis. The final results from the study show a 76.7% drop in regular opioid use, a 37.6% drop in antidepressant use, and a 42% drop in alcohol use. They also discovered that almost 72% of patients took less anti-anxiety medications, 67% of them used less migraine medications, and 65% of them used sleep aids less after beginning a medical marijuana treatment regimen.

Chronic pain, however, is by and large the main reason people seek out medical grade marijuana in the first place.

“Over two-thirds (70.4%) of patients in Maine and Rhode Island listed intractable or chronic pain followed by post-traumatic stress disorder (25.5%), severe muscle spasms (12.2%), or nausea (10.6%) as their qualifying condition,” reads an excerpt from the study.

Additionally, subjects of the study reported that medical marijuana provided the most effective treatment for pain following incidents of trauma. On a scale from 0 to 100% (100 percent indicating “complete relief”), subjects were asked to rate the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating the conditions listed below and this is what they found:

  • 77.9% relief in the treatment of pain following trauma
  • 77.5% relief in the treatment of menstrual pain
  • 73% relief in the treatment of neck and back pain
  • 72.3% relief in the treatment of neuropathic pain
  • 75.8% relief in the treatment of cancer pain
  • 72% relief in the treatment of post-surgery pain

At the moment, only eight states in the United States have legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Thankfully, 28 states across the country have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Yet, the substance is still classified by the government as a Schedule I drug, sitting next to heroin in its description of having "no medical value."

Do you think it makes sense that cannabis and heroin are in the same category of substances? Maybe it's time to reevaluate the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis and its effectiveness in treating some of the most common chronic conditions that exist among the population today.

h/t Saludmovil

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