20-Year-Old Dog Found Grieving Beside Her Owner's Body, Bids Goodbye For The Last Time

20-Year-Old Dog Found Grieving Beside Her Owner's Body, Bids Goodbye For The Last Time

It is believed that the dog was there with the body for one entire day, before the help arrived. It was difficult for the sheriffs to remove the dog away from the body.

Some connections are hard to define or explain in words. One such being, the connection between humans and dogs. Dogs comprehend humans' emotions in the best way and reciprocate the same way as humans do. When dogs lose their owners or their human best friends, their world falls apart, they weep and sob pouring all the poignant emotions and grief.  


A sweet and adorable dog, Sam, lost her best human friend who showered his love on her for all his life,  as she wept and cried sitting next to the side of her dead owner. 20-year-old Sam was found curled up next to her dead owner's body as she tried to nudge, Arthur, her beloved owner, awake.

After authorities found Sam devasted and confused near Arthur's body, they called local animal rescue organization 1 Day Ranch to take Sam while they examined his owner's body. The founder and director of 1 Day Ranch, Maeghan Olsen told, “Obviously the man did something right, a lot of love goes a long way."


There is no Animal Control office near 1 Day Ranch, therefore, the animal rescue and several other local animal welfare groups help the local authorities with any animal cases. Olsen is accustomed to getting calls from the sheriff's department about abandoned pets and hoarding situations. However, it was their first time to get a call about a weeping dog,  Sam, reported the PEOPLE.


Olsen shared how hard and troublesome it was for the sheriff's department to move Sam from the home as she wanted to stay closest to her owner's body. It is believed that Sam was there with the body for a day before she was spotted by anyone. Sam stayed on until the help arrived. The sheriffs arrived at the house after the owner's neighbor and a close friend went to check on him after not hearing from him for several days.


When Olsen's glance fell on Sam for the first time, she found the dog extremely upset. Sam was panting, shaking and showing many other signs of stress and anxiety. Olsen was not hard on the dog as she understood the seriousness of the situation, and therefore, did not force out Sam to leave the house, instead sat down with the grieving pet and fed her treats, while she explained the situation to her. 


After spending plentiful time with the pet, Sam allowed Olsen to put a leash on her neck and take her out of the house. “I let her say goodbye,” Olsen explains of Sam’s final moments in her home. The entire situation made it pretty clear to the Sheriffs and Olsen that the owner and dog shared an inexplicable relationship. The owner's neighbor told Olsen that Arthur was very ill, but left the hospital and his treatment against medical advice just to be with his dog and not leave him alone. 


“His main goal was to be home with his dog, and to try and outlive her,” Olsen said. Sam, thereafter, left the house with her owner's pillow and blanket and was moved to 1 Day Ranch. Olsen has allowed Sam to stay at her home on the ranch's premises, hoping it will give her time and space to decompress. Ever since Sam has started living in Olsen's house, she is seen relaxing and easing a bit. 


Olsen also has a lot of things planned for Sam starting with taking her to see a vet as the dog most likely has not been to the doctor in years. Being a 20-year-old dog, keeping aside her overgrown nails, hearing loss and eyesight issues, Sam looks healthy for that old age. Another wish Olsen has is to take Sam on the day of her owner's funeral as she wanted the dog to “honor the relationship they had.” And soon, Olsen's wish came true as Sam did get a chance to honor her relationship she had with her owner, and attended her official funeral. 


“This morning we had the privilege of escorting Sam to her dad’s funeral. She wanted to look nice, so she wore a pretty pink scarf,” the organization wrote on Facebook. The post continued, "She was very excited to see her friend Philip, and was slightly confused but happy when she met Arthur’s brother who flew in for the service (we think maybe he smells like Arthur.) We allowed her to see Arthur one last time when they opened the casket... she was interested at first, she definitely recognized his face... but it was different from before, she knew that he was no longer there. We were very thankful that we were able to take her to this today... We didn’t know Arthur, but we have learned a lot about him in the last week... and we hope he is comforted knowing his girl is safe and loved. Sam is now back at the ranch and taking a nap.... this morning took a lot out of her, but we think she was glad she was able to go. ❤️"


No one could imagine the pain and remorse that Sam went through and the world hopes that she soon reunites with her best human in the other part of the world, where they are happy and together again. 

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