5 Signs That You Have An "Intimidating" Personality

5 Signs That You Have An "Intimidating" Personality

Oftentimes, people see those with strong personalities as intimidating because of their straightforward attitude and independent mindset.

Just like everyone else in this world, those of us with personalities that people label as strong or “intimidating” have been shaped and influenced by the challenges of life. One of the only differences between strong personality types and others is how these experiences have shaped them.

Oftentimes, people see those with strong personalities as intimidating because of their straightforward attitude and independent mindset. They’re usually blunt people that aren’t interested in any nonsense.

While every person’s definition of strong will vary, these are five signs that you’re a person with a strong or “intimidating” personality:

You’re not a fan of small talk



Strong personality types know that intelligent conversation isn’t something that everyone wants to partake in all the time, but it’s really the only kind of conversation they’re interested in (at least in social settings). They enjoy conversing with people who are curious about the world and want to discuss matters of substance.

Unfortunately, strong personality types get labeled as rude when they say this to a person’s face. At least they have the decency to be genuine.

You dislike ignorant or intolerant people



For the most part, people with strong personality types enjoy being intellectual by nature. Their natural curiosity has to lead them to seek out information regarding all walks of life, so they’re usually quite knowledgeable.

Because of this, they typically do not get along with people who speak before thinking or who generally have no idea what they’re talking about. Ignorance stems from having a closed mind, a notion that strong personality types want nothing to do with.

Your hard work creates opportunity



If you have a strong personality type, you know that hard work is one of the best ways to open up doors for yourself. As if the harder you worked, the better your chances become. A determined work ethic is a tool that strong people use to manifest an opportunity where there otherwise would be none.

They’re good at recognizing these created opportunities, and they’re going to use them to succeed, whether people are intimidated by their success or not.

You don’t like being in the spotlight



Strong personality types often carry with them behaviors, attitudes, and mannerisms that most people admire. They naturally attract both good and bad people. But, at the end of the day, they’d honestly rather not have any of the attention.

This also means that they’d rather put their head down and work than seek out any sort of attention. They’re only worried about finishing whatever needs to be finished.

You hate when people complain or have excuses



Excuses and complaints are just wasted energy in the eyes of the strong-willed. Strong personality types have worked through undesirable circumstances before, so they know things don’t always go the way you want them to, and they expect others to know the same.

Complaining doesn’t serve anyone any good. Instead, they’d rather figure out a solution to the problem so that they can keep moving forward.

Strong personalities don’t have time for anyone who’s not 100 percent invested.

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