6 Things You’d Understand If You Were Raised By Strict Parents

6 Things You’d Understand If You Were Raised By Strict Parents

Be it making choices about your weekend plans or future plans you would always have to be very clear about the choices you take with strict parents around.

When your parents are stricter than everyone else’s parents, you start to notice little differences here and there. Here are seven things that probably sound familiar to people with strict parents:

1) Being crystal clear about your choices



You knew you had to choose carefully whether you wanted to go out on Friday night or Saturday night because there was no way in hell they were going to let you go out both nights. Then, should your friends change their minds about things, you had to suffer through the painful process of explaining to your parents that the plans have changed.

2) Sharing personal stuff can be VERY awkward 

Having “the talk” was never a thing and anything even remotely sexual was shunned or censored. The last thing they wanted to do was have an awkward conversation about all of the strange changes happening to your body, so they just decided to let you figure everything out yourself. Thanks!

3) You can never be out of reach, EVER!



You had an irrational fear of missing a phone call from either one of them because they automatically assumed you were doing hard drugs if you didn’t pick up. Then they’d start on some rant about how terrible an influence your friends are and how you shouldn’t be hanging out with them.

4) You would check their mood first

You only asked for things or brought up concerns when you knew they were in a good mood. If they were in a bad mood, you knew nothing you said would ever be taken seriously. If you really wanted a fighting chance, sometimes you’d act the part--sighing, bowing your head and admitting to them that you think they’re “just going to say no.”

5) Dinner talks = Future planning



Dinner conversation was strictly about how well you were doing in school, which classes you were taking and what your plans were for the future. The other parts of your life, like your friends and your love interests, didn’t exist according to them.

6) Little white lies always saved you

You could never be sure what they would be okay with and what they would get upset over, so you regularly found yourself lying about even the smallest of things. It was better to tell a small fib than to have to endure nuclear fallout. Which is why, to this day, you still tell white lies here and there when talking with people you don’t want to upset.

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