7 Symbols You Should Be Looking For In Your Dreams And What It Signifies

7 Symbols You Should Be Looking For In Your Dreams And What It Signifies

Every dream says a lot about your life- where it is going, what does it want, how it wants things to be and many more. Watch out for these symbols in your dreams.

Dream world is a place where unusual and bizarre happenings don’t even make us think twice. Fantasy and nonsensical things happen regularly without question, but there is something to be taken away from certain things that you see.

If you’re dreaming of certain objects or symbols, they could hold hidden meanings.

Look for these seven symbols when you find yourself in dreamland:


If you start seeing boxes in dreamworld, it’s a good sign that you feel something is being hidden from you. Empty boxes symbolize emotions of disappointment, and a large number of boxes can mean that you’re struggling with your emotions and want to stash them somewhere else.


If there’s a phone ringing in your dream, it can mean that certain personality traits of yours are starting to come into alignment with your being. If a phone is ringing and you choose not to answer it, it can mean that you want to ignore any messages or insights that you are trying to send yourself.


If you find yourself flying through the air in your dream, it’s a good sign that the dream has become lucid. Lucid dreams often happen when your subconscious is trying to reach you. Flying is symbolic of challenges or obstacles you’re working to overcome in real life.

The Moon

Any dreams that have the moon in them can be indicative of hidden creativity that is eager to be let out.


Different types of roads can mean different things. Easy-going, paved, clean roads indicate that you feel the journey ahead of you will be relatively easy. But, if the road is dark, hard to see and you struggle navigating it, it can mean that you’re afraid of what’s to come.


Flowers and plants can mean different things when you spot them in your dreams. If flowers are budding, it’s a sign that opportunity is just around the corner. If the flowers are dying or wilting, it can be a sign that this chapter of life is coming to an end. If you see little sproutlings, it can mean that any seeds you’ve planted are about to grow.


Water takes many forms, but they often reflect how ambitious you are in life. Dreams about the ocean can mean that you’re ready to take advantage of grand opportunities by taking a few risks. If you’re dreaming of shallow bodies of water, it can mean that you’re focusing too much on something that is out of your reach at the moment.

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