5 Ways In Which Men And Women Express Their Love Differently

5 Ways In Which Men And Women Express Their Love Differently

Even though love is Love and nothing else, the way men and women usually choose to exhibit their emotions make the entire situation differently.

5 Ways In Which Men And Women Express Their Love Differently

“Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.” ― John Gray

Men and women, even though come under the same species are two entirely different human beings. It has been a perpetual struggle to unravel a woman's heart and decode a man's mind, especially to each other. Human beings are born with the same emotions and feelings. Depending on their upbringing, mental growth, knowledge, experience and lessons, both men and women learn to unwind their emotions differently. 


When it comes to expressing love, men and women have their own way of doing it. Even though love is Love and nothing else, the way men and women usually choose to exhibit their emotions make the entire situation differently. Love is inexplicable and unfathomable, and it becomes even more cumbersome to understand and define it across gender lines. However, there are different ways men and women express their love to each other, that help in differentiating their ways of expressing love differently. 

1. Gestures

Men and women are different when it comes to what and how they want things to work in a relationship. It is indeed not a bad thing, as two people who want different things in a relationship are ready to explore different options all together to make it work. However, men and women both have their own respective way of expressing that they are grateful to have each other. For example, the perfect definition of a date for a man would be- sitting and chilling with their lover at a quiet place, in pajamas, watching non-romantic movies, binging on pizzas and drinking beer. This would make up as the perfect date for a man, with a little more of cuddlings and kisses. A man would like morning hugs and kisses more than romantic quotes shared on Instagram, showing the world his love for his partner.



Whereas, things work opposite for women, as women like grand things when they are in a relationship. Every day with their partner is a celebration and in no way, they want to keep their life simple with them. A perfect definition of a date for a woman would be looking her best in a beautiful outfit and having dinner at the most romantic place where she could sway along with music being wrapped in her partner's arm. Women love to show off their love for their partners, and like sharing romantic quotes and captions on social media. In both ways, a man and a woman have their own way of making their partner feel special and loved. 

2. Talking About Things 

There is no running away from talking about things while in a relationship. Mainly the talking part is the hardest, especially if the talking involves fixing things. When it comes to men, men do not like to talk about things that involve serious topics and emotional confrontations. They prefer skipping the confrontation part that might have the potential to trigger a fight and believe in cooling down the atmosphere because they hate seeing their partners angry. Men are bad at communicating things and they prefer coming to the solution rather than listening to the problem. 


However, women cannot let go of things without knowing about all the facets of the issues. It is their way of participating in the relationship they share with their partner, and it is something they hate to compromise with. Women can only move on to being normal if only they have their mind and heart full of doubts clarified. They are ready to indulge in arguments only to make sure there is nothing left inside the heart, of both her and partners. Whereas, men prefer running away from such things that have the potential to trigger heated-up conversation and spoiling the mood.

3. Expressive About Feelings 

When it comes to expressing love and care, men have a bit of a bad reputation. Men find it harder to express their love for their partner and love to keep things simple. They are emotionally awkward, because of the bias that comes with 'Strong men don't cry', or 'Strong men don't get hurt', or 'Strong men are macho only if they can fight' and so on and so forth. Therefore, men have their own way of showing their love. For example, a man finds it awkward to kiss his partner in front of his friends, as a respect for their lover. It is their way of telling their woman of life that they cherish her and are protective of her. 


However, women never shy away when it comes to expressing their love for their man. It is something that they love doing and boasting about, as women are expressive. They are clear in their head about the person they love, and will proudly hug and kiss their partners in front of the world. It is their way of expressing love for their partner. They do not believe in keeping feeling hidden behind the curtains, and would rather put up a crazy show if they have their partner's show. 

4. 'I Love You' 

It is true that men fall in love faster than women. However, once they come in a relationship, men do not like saying 'I love you' often, as they believe it will lessen its value and importance. Men believe in action and not words, therefore, they will make sure to make their women feel loved, which is better than saying 'I love you' on a regular basis. If a man loves a woman, he will go to any extent to make her wishes come true, and he will do everything and anything to put her first in every phase of his life. 


However, those three golden words hold completely different importance for women, for women know the power of 'I love you'. Women say these words to their partner often as compared to men, because women strongly believe in those three words. They believe that there is nothing as straight and more meaningful than reminding the person they love that they are loved every damn second. For women, 'I Love You' is not something they would say to anyone and everyone, it is something that they say only to that one person who means the whole world to them. 

5. Be there Always

Men think differently when it comes to being there for their partner every time their partner has a rough day. Men have their priorities sorted most of the time and they tend to believe that even if they are not physically present with their partner, they will have their ways of reminding their partner that they are not alone. For example, if a man is stuck with his friends, and he gets a call from his partner that she needs him, then he wouldn't leave his friend and come to her, rather he will make sure that he tells her that he will be there soon with a sweet and inspiring text message because he would know that will make his partner feel better until he is not there. 


But, in the case of women, women tend to leave everything, no matter how big or small things they have in their bucket just to be with their partner during hard times. They would do anything just to be there for them, even though it means putting themselves into a risky position later. The matter of truth is, men, think practically when it comes to tackling problems, whereas women think emotionally when it comes to being there for their partner during their time of need. However, whatever different ways men and women have to show their love for each other, nothing makes either of them less committed or not much in love with each other. 

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