Are Emotions Meant Only For Humans? This Dog Breaks Down In Tears After Being Abandoned By His Owners

Are Emotions Meant Only For Humans? This Dog Breaks Down In Tears After Being Abandoned By His Owners

A sad and hurtful video captured a dog who teared up when he was left behind, alone in a closed space of a shelter cage.

This world sometimes becomes the cruelest place for animals, let alone be humans. The fact that humans are confused and do not know most of the time what they want, they tend to play with the life of animals too. The kind of unsympathetic feeling humans have towards animals tend to emotionally scar them too. If you believed that animals do not have emotions, then you were wrong about it all this while.



It is not only humans who feel the pain of rejection but animals too. In February 2016, a 6-year-old male pit bull and Labrador retriever mix named AJ was found emotionally shattered when his owner surrendered him and his canine brother, Toby, to Carson Animal Shelter in California. AJ and Toby were abandoned by their owner because they couldn't afford to take care of them anymore. This broke his heart and left AJ weeping. 


A sad and hurtful video captured AJ teared up when he was left behind, alone in a closed space of a shelter cage. Imagine the trauma he must have felt after being put in a place where there was no one from his family from whom he got so much love and affection, a place which isn't his own. The video captures AJ crying as he lied on the bed of his temporary home. Even the words of comfort from the staff couldn't pacify him and poor AJ kept weeping.


The video of AJ crying was posted on Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page with the caption- “AJ is 100% pure sweet, gentle, loving beauty, he loves other dogs and he is missing his brother. He is shutting down, he has a cold and he needs your help today. He is really special and he has a lifetime of love left to give. He needs a hero now and he would be so grateful. Please SHARE for his life, a FOSTER or Adopter would save him now. His brother is still in need too. Thanks!”


Soon the post became viral and garnered over 5.8 million views and left many social media users into tears. Another commented, “Oh god, this broke my heart. AJ looks so bewildered and lost, and he’s sick as well. The poor boy.” “Look at the sadness in those eyes. My heart is breaking for this poor boy and his brother. They need to be together,” one wrote. 


Everyone who saw the video wanted just one thing for AJ, and that was to see him happy and with someone who would regain his trust. By the grace of almighty, he is no longer sad. The moment AJ's story became viral, kind pet lovers initiated and stepped up to the plate and adopted both AJ and Toby. To see him happy again with Toby in his new forever home has left everyone elated and relieved. 



AJ was not the only unfortunate one to experience the abandonment from his people, but another small dog was found crying inside a trash bin outside of a welcome center just off the Interstate 85 highway in Hartwell, Georgia. The dog's cry was heard by an unidentified person, according to Hart County Animal Rescue center's blog page. The dog was 'freezing, wet, hungry and scared.' It was clear that the dog was abandoned by her owner.


Soon she was taken to the Georgia rescue center and was named Caroline to the Lavonia Animal Hospital where she got the medical attention and the love she deserved. Her story was shared on social media, and soon there were animal lovers requesting and asking for adoption. She indeed is in a better place where she is getting the warmth and love she was abandoned. 


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