5 Unreasonable Expectations From Your Partner Which Is Ruining Your Relationship

5 Unreasonable Expectations From Your Partner Which Is Ruining Your Relationship

Do you really believe that your partner who promised to love you and be there with you during the thick and thin enjoys hurting you?

Who's that one person who comes to your mind when you watch a Nicholas Spark movie? Of course, the love of your life. But who is that one person who comes to your mind when you see other couple having a great time, but not you? Again, your partner. Only the person you love the most has the power to hurt you deeply. But making someone feel loved isn't an easy thing, especially when you have your own set of expectations from them. 


It is natural to have expectations from the people you love, but it is unfair to have unreasonable expectations from them, as they will not be able to fulfill them. You tend to bind your relationship with some unrealistic and surmised notions about your partner that might be hard for them to give, leading to disappointment, futile fights, and hurt. Do you really believe that your partner, who promised to love you and be there with you during the thick and thin, enjoy hurting you? It's time you ask some questions to yourself before letting some of your utopian expectations spoil the beautiful relationship you share with your partner. 

1. Do You Want Your Partner To Be With You All The Time?

Who doesn't want to spend their maximum time with their partner? Spending time together being silly and crazy are basic expectations to have. But, it is important to understand that just like you, your partner has a life too, which they deserve to live. Even if it means not being with you, you should be able to let your partner have their own time and space where they do not have to deal with you. You are being unrealistic if you expect your partner to not demand me-time. 


Staying together all the time also takes away the spark and essence that was there during the beginning of your relationship. If you distance yourself and let your partner stay away from you for a while, it might actually help you to rekindle the lost spark. Why would you want your partner to not go out with their friends and have a good time? You should be able to assure yourself than to them, that at the end of the day, they will come back to you, which should be more than enough. 

2. Do You Feel Your Partner Has All The Solution To Your Problems?

No matter what goes wrong in your life, you want to have your partner around you to support you and help you through. One hug from your partner can ease the pain and stress you have been going through for a long time. But, your partner is your biggest supporter and could have solutions to some of your problems too. However, your partner is a human too, who might not have any solution for your problem, and hence might not help you the way you want them too. 


Do you really think that they don't want to help you in spite of being capable of doing so? Expecting your partner to always understand you is unfair. You need to learn to find your own solutions sometimes. Your partner wants the best for you, but only you know what's best for yourself. Instead of arguing with your partner and blaming them for not helping you, ask for their support and company during your darkest time. 

3. Do You Think Your Partner Should Find Only You Attractive?

Of course, for your partner, you are the best of a kind and the most charming of all. However, that does not make the rest of the world less attractive and charming, does it? If you expect your partner to not look at someone who really is handsome or beautiful, then you are not being practical here and need a reality check, there are 7 billion people in this world, and all of them are precious in their own way.


If you are jealous when you see your partner checking out someone else, you shouldn't feel disheartened and should trust your partner. Jealousy is also a part of a relationship, and it is okay to be jealous. However, you need to be a little less hard on your partner, if their eyes caught up at someone really beautiful and good looking.

4. Do You Feel Angry When Your Partner Does Not Agree With You?

Your partner has his own identity and opinion which you should be able to take in. Just like you have your own likes and dislikes, your partner has it too. It is okay if you and your partner have different opinions about things and experience clashes because when two different worlds collide, things shake up a bit. If you want your partner to agree with you all the time then you are not letting them be true to you, as being true doesn't mean feeling the same way as you do. 


Your partner has all the right to cut you out if they don't agree with you at some point. Wouldn't you want to do the same when you do not agree with them? Going with the quote, "One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated." You do know these inspirational quotes are there for a reason, right? To help you understand the art of accepting other people's different opinions and flaws. 

5. Do You Feel Your Partner Doesn't Put In As You Do In The Relationship?

Everyone has their own way of loving and has their own piece to give. If you are giving 50 and your partner is able to give 20, you shouldn't judge your partner's devotion towards the relationship, and rather should appreciate the effort they have put in, in giving that 20 percent in a relationship. Is it wise enough to ask for hundreds when a person can only afford 50?


Expecting your partner to love you the way you do is too much of pressure because you might have your experiences in life that has taught you to love and embrace in a certain way, and vice versa. You will be able to accept the love with open arms only when you choose to see the effort your partner is putting in, rather than measuring it. 

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