Don't Trust A Woman Who Tells These 4 Lies In A Relationship!

Don't Trust A Woman Who Tells These 4 Lies In A Relationship!

It is important to know and understand the severity of lies that have the potential to ruin a happy relationship in a fraction of a second.

Don't you sometimes wish to have a lie detector with you when you are with some of your friends or even with your partner? Some people lie a little, some a lot, and some have just built their lives on lies. Even though lying in a relationship is never 'OKAY' sometimes not disclosing all the details can be a savior, especially if it saves someone from getting into useless troubles or problems. 



Relationships too are comprised of little fights, some white lies, tears, and laughter. Yes, even in a healthy relationship you tend to lie a little bit, and most of the time it happens unconsciously—it either happens because you don't want to hurt your partner, or you don't want your partner to get mad at you. Whatever be the reason, you tend to cock and bull stories in order to avoid certain situations and make excuses to save yourself from getting into trouble. Let's look at some white lies, women tend to say in a relationship. But, before moving further, it is important to know and understand the severity of lies that have the potential to ruin a happy relationship in a fraction of a second. Therefore, it is better to be wise enough to differentiate between white lies and lies that are not acceptable or can never be overlooked.

1. When A Woman Says "I'M FINE" After A Fight



This is a lie. But, a good one. Not everyone has the power to come back to their normal state after a fight. Some women might take a little longer than their partner to cool their temper down. This is something women have always been notorious for- for saying 'I am fine' when they are not. They might say it because they do not want the attention or need anyone to console them while they are trying to process the fight or argument that happened a few seconds ago. 

2. When A Woman Says, "I am not mad at you"



If by any mean or chance, a man has done something by going against her woman's will, then he might be screwed for some time. It is normal human nature when anyone does something even after being told not to do, they piss the other one off big time. Your parents would know better. It happens the same way even in a relationship, especially when a man has done something wrong, or has not done anything at all (when he should have done something for his lady love, like, maybe breakfast in the bed?) In short, when a man does not put effort for his lady love and try to stand up to her expectation, "I am not mad at you" means right the opposite, because they are hell angry. 

3. When A Woman Says "I don't mind if you go to that strip club with the boys"



Oh, well. It's not even a trap. It's the ultimate warning line, with a pinch of subtle yet 'don't you dare' tone in it. Most women want to be a 'chill' partner in a relationship because they want to make their relationship easy for their partner. Therefore, if a situation like this comes, where a man has to go to celebrate a bachelor's party with his friends, no matter what how uncool it is for the woman, she will never admit it at first place. Once he is back from the trip, he is more likely to get screwed, because yes, it is indeed a big deal for anyone who is in a relationship to go out there and enjoy physical intimacy with someone else. Neither a man will be cool with this. 

4. When She Says "I was never in love with my ex"



Well, a lie again. There is something very abstruse about women that makes it harder for men to understand, and that is the fact that they don't like to admit that they really were in love with their ex-partners. Just because things have ended and do not exist anymore, they do not like to accept the seriousness they invested in their previous relationship, maybe because of it kinds of feed their ego in some way. But the matter of truth is, she was in love with her ex and was disheartened when things fell apart. 

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